How to Implement Attraction Marketing

Have you ever come across a post on LinkedIn or Instagram from your favorite celebrity or influencer explaining how they use a certain service such as towing service or product? They might have just posted a photo with a caption explaining a certain item. Regardless of the situation, you can probably recall a recent time in which your attention was drawn to a product just because someone expressed high praise about it. The person might have explained how the product works and makes their life better.

If that is the case, that’s what we call attraction marketing.


What is Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is a term used for a method of marketing a product or service. It works by providing valuable information about an item before convincing customers to buy. It is a very powerful marketing strategy for both lead generation and brand loyalty. Attraction marketing takes an angle that convinces you why you need the product than ever before.

The biggest challenge you will be faced with is coming up with a plan on how to implement attraction marketing in the best possible manner. It requires using a technique that emotionally connects with a lead or customer and provides them with answers to the questions before they even ask. The biggest part of implementing attraction marketing is by expressing helpful features that define how a product is reusable. Here are some sure strategies to go by when implementing attraction marketing.


Build an emotional connection

You need to come up with creative ways of telling a story in a way that connects with the emotions of your prospects. This comes as a result of using keywords and phrases that build an emotional connection with potential customers. Instead of saying that your product works, you need to share how using the product empowers you as a marketer or a consumer.


Name the product and its useful features

When building your message, you need to mention the product by name. If possible, create a hyperlink of the product page and connect the features of a product to what the product solves. Doing so will help customers in visualizing how their lives would be improved from the experience of using your service.

Focus on the future value

It is always a good idea to mention how using the product or service in such a delightful experience can fit into the lifestyle of the consumer. If the customer is seeking to know how to use the product, they will be more interested in seeking information. After all, everyone is looking for anything that would make their lives easier. Use any information that would attract the most consumers and make them interested in what you offer. Doing so shows how your brand is customer-centric and obsessed, and also shows there is a human behind the product being promoted.

While doing attraction marketing, there are a couple of tips you must get right. To achieve success, you will need to pick the right channels for your messaging. You will need to choose a platform that supports long-form content. You may consider having accounted for visual platforms such as Twitter and Instagram and making use of graphics and video to deliver your message.

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